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Instructional time is very important. To limit interruptions to the classroom, teacher phone numbers are not listed. If you would like to speak to a teacher, please call the front office and leave a message, or e-mail him or her to set up a time to speak. Thank you for your understanding and support.
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Academic Interventionist  Laura Blakesley laura.blakesley@wesdschools.org  
CCR Teacher Russell Reiten russell.reiten@wesdschools.org Mr. Reiten's Website 
CCR Teacher Phillip Imboden phillip.imboden@wesdschools.org Mr. Imboden's Website 
CCR Teacher Kelly Valdivia kelly.valdivia@wesdschools.org Ms. Valdivia's Website 
Grade 1 Teacher Carol Ann Hitchcock carol.hitchcock@wesdschools.org Second Grade Website 
Grade 1 Teacher Brittani Marcurio brittani.marcurio@wesdschools.org First Grade Website 
Grade 1 Teacher Brianne Nickerson brianne.nickerson@wesdschools.org First Grade Website 
Grade 1 Teacher Tami Ruiz tamara.ruiz@wesdschools.org First Grade Website 
Grade 2 Teacher Laurie Emig laurie.emig@wesdschools.org Second Grade Website 
Grade 2 Teacher Kristi Wilhelms kristi.wilhelms@wesdschools.org  
Grade 2 Teacher Maricella Holguin maricella.holguintorres@wesdschools.org Second Grade Website 
Grade 2 Teacher Ashley Hobbs ashley.hobbs@wesdschools.org  
Grade 3 Teacher Claire Beasley claire.beasley@wesdschools.org Third Grade Website 
Grade 3 Teacher Elizabeth Gallagher elizabeth.gallagher@wesdschools.org Third Grade Website 
Grade 4 Teacher  Joclyn Campillo joclyn.campillo@wesdschools.org  
Grade 4 Teacher Hannah Frisen hannah.frisen!wesdschools.org  
Grade 5 Teacher Brandie Watson brandie.watson@wesdschools.org Fifth Grade Website 
Grade 5 Teacher Nancy Sandoval  nancy.sandoval@wesdschools.org Fifth Grade Website 
Grade 5 Teacher Brittnee Lee brittnee.lee@wesdschools.org Fifth Grade Website 
Grade 5 Teacher Brooke Erichsen brooke.erichsen@wesdschools.org  
Grade 6 Teacher Joe Schoenfelder jospeh.schoenfelder@wesdschools.org Sixth Grade Website 
Grade 6 Teacher Judi Logie judi.logie@wesdschools.org Sixth Grade Website 
Grade 6 Teacher Adrian MacCarthy adrian.maccarthy@wesdschools.org Sixth Grade Website 
Grade 6 Teacher Hailey Markwardt hailey.markwardt@wesdschools.org  
Kindergarten Teacher Danielle Krasue danielle.krause@wesdschools.org Kindergarten Website 
Kindergarten Teacher Rhiannon Lewis rhiannon.lewis@wesdschools.org Kindergarten Website 
Kindergarten Teacher Amy Page amy.page@wesdschools.org Kindergarten Website 
Physical Therapist Janettha Vermeulen janettha.vermeulen@wesdschools.org Physical Therapist's Website 
Social Worker Erin Whittemore erin.whittemore@wesdschools.org Social Worker's Websitre 
Special Area Teacher - Art Kelvonnah Stidhum kelvonnah.stidhum@wesdschools.org Special Area Class 
Special Area Teacher- Computer Linda Kroll linda.kroll@wesdschools.org Special Area Class 
Special Area Teacher - Music  Jessica Ledsworth jessica.ledsworth@wesdschools.org Special Area Class 
Special Area Teacher - Physical Education  Leilani Subillie leilani.subillie@wesdschools.org Special Area Class 
Special Area Teacher - Project Potential Rene McClay Rene.McClay@wesdschools.org Ms. McClay's website 
Showing 34 items