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Our Procedures for a Safe Dismissal

posted Dec 4, 2012, 5:47 PM by Paula Mcwhirter   [ updated Dec 14, 2016, 3:22 PM by Pam Talarico ]

Each day, we dismiss approximately 820 students from school in a short period of time.In order for all students to remain safe during this time, these are the established procedures that we use for each dismissal location/type.  We ask that all families help us make sure that every child is safe by following these procedures.

Pick-up by car: 

·         Pull through our drive through lane.

·         Remain in your car.

·         Follow the directions of the crossing guards and the rules of the road. 

·         Do not block intersection on 39th Avenue or crosswalks on streets or in the parking lot. 

·         Have your child meet you in the designated pick-up area by the cafeteria.  This is the safest place for your child to get in your car.

·         Do not pull over on 39th Avenue and have your child get into your car. 

Walking onto campus:

·         If you drive to the area, do not park in “No Parking” areas.

·         Use crosswalks when entering and leaving campus.

·         Come into the fenced area to wait for your child so as to leave space for children and parents who are leaving campus through the front gate.

·         When inside the fenced area, do not allow your child to play on the playground equipment.  We do not have enough staff to monitor for a safe dismissal and supervise the play equipment at the same time. 

Bicycles and students who walk alone:

·         We ask these students to follow these rules:

o   Walk your bicycle/scooter until you are off school property and away from busy areas.  This would include the sidewalks along Friar and 39th Avenue that border the school.

o   Stay with other students as long as possible.  Avoid being alone.

o   Go directly home.  The best policy is to check in at home before going anywhere else.