First Grade Parent Meeting

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Do you have a first grader at Roadrunner this year?  We are excited to share with you a new opportunity through Arizona State University's Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College.  Please join us on July 31st at 5:00pm to learn more about our new first grade model and meet our team of teachers.  Click on the letter below for additional information.

Meet the Teacher

posted Jul 23, 2019, 10:22 AM by Courtney Mallada

Please join us on Thursday, August 1st from 4:00-6:00 pm to meet your child's teacher.  We are looking forward to seeing all our Roadrunner students and families!

Welcome to Roadrunner! Info to know

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Roadrunner Elementary School             

7702 N. 39th Avenue • Phoenix • Arizona • 85051-6419 Office: 602-347-3100 • Fax: 602-347-3120

Health Office: 602-347-3110 • Attendance Line: 602-347-3111

Campus Hours

Office Hours 7:45 a.m. – 4:15 p.m. We close on Wednesdays at 3:15 p.m.

* Students should not be on campus before 7:55 a.m.

School Hours Grades: K – 6 8:15 a.m. – 3:15 p.m. Early Release: 1:45 p.m.

Early Release days: every Wednesday, Parent/Teacher Conferences and the last day of school. To avoid classroom interruptions, we will be unable to sign your child out after 3:00 p.m. on regular dismissal days and 1:30 p.m. on early release days.


Responsibility to Report

The legal custodial parent or legal guardian of the child must notify the school of the student's absence prior to the absence or when the absence occurs. If your student will be absent or tardy, please call the 24-hr attendance line 602-347-3111 prior to 9 a.m. the day of the absence.

Excused Absences

Absences shall be excused for reasons such as illness, doctor appointment, bereavement, family emergencies, or observance of major religious holidays of the family's faith. All absences incurred while registered in WESD schools that exceed a total of 18 for the school year will be reported as unexcused despite the reason. Refer to Arizona Dept. of Education for details.

Dress Code

No school uniforms

WESD dress code guidelines can be found in the Parent/Student Handbook and at

School ID required

All students are required to wear an ID while on school campus and on buses. If students lose their ID, they will be required to purchase a replacement ID for $2.00. Replacement lanyards, pouches, ID cards and ZPasses are each 50 cents to replace.


Walk, Bike or Bus

Students walk or ride the bus to and from school, based on their home address. Bicycles must be secured by a lock inside the bike rack area. The school is not responsible for loss or damage of a bicycle. Busing is provided for students who reside east of 35th Avenue and west of 31st Avenue. Kindergarten students must be signed out; whether they are picked up by car or walking with a sibling. We don't let Kindergarteners walk home by themselves.


Breakfast and lunch are provided

There is no cost for school meals. Breakfast is served in the classrooms after first bell. Please arrive on time to receive breakfast.

School Supplies

Backpacks permitted 

WESD provides all required supplies. Teachers may offer a "wish list" of optional items. Recommended: a backpack and pencils.

Before/After School

Before- and after-school programs available

KidSpace, WESD extended-day child care program, is available for students at our school. Please contact our KidSpace staff at 602-347-3115 for more information about fees, hours and requirements.

Extracurricular Activities

Sports: Cross Country, Boys Basketball/Girls Basketball - Grades 4-6 (if we have Basketball coaches); Academics: After-school Academy - ASA morning and after-school classes

Calendar Events

Meet the Teacher Night: Thursday, August 1 from 4:00-6:00 p.m.

First Day of School: Monday, August 5


Update to Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

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In an effort to increase safety, please read about the updated arrival and dismissal procedures.  We thank you for your assistance in keeping safety our priority!

Increasing the Safety at Roadrunner

posted Aug 25, 2017, 5:54 PM by Courtney Mallada

One of the most important goals we have at Roadrunner is to ensure the safety of our students. We have made it a priority to identify and implement practices that maintain a high level of safety in all areas.  In order to increase the safety of all of our students before school each morning, we will be implementing a "Roadrunner staff and students only" policy at the front gate beginning on Monday, August 28.  We appreciate the efforts of our wonderful Roadrunner families to assist students in becoming comfortable with our campus and the location of their classroom.  Beginning August 28, our staff and oldest students will assume this responsibility as students come through our gate in the morning.  

If parents or guardians need to enter campus to meet with a staff member before school, our office staff will be happy to assist.  Thank you in advance for your support of our desire to ensure the safety of our campus.

Roadrunner Parent Involvement Policy

posted Dec 7, 2012, 2:41 PM by Paula Mcwhirter


I.                    Roadrunner Elementary plans activities to involve parents, families and community members with their input through PTO, Site council, and outreach meetings.


·         Roadrunner clearly communicates information and school reports to our parents in both English and in Spanish and offers interpreters as needed.

·         We continually invite parents through various means to participate in the decision making processes that directly relate to our Title I Parent Involvement Plan and any funding required for these activities.

·         Parent involvement at Roadrunner Elementary will include academic learning and other activities to ensure that parents are able to assist in their student’s learning.   We provide accessibility to parents so they are directly involved in their child’s learning, be stakeholders in the decision making that impacts their child’s learning and assist in the education of their child, allowed under Title I.


II.                  Roadrunner School will implement the Parent Involvement Policy Components:


1.       Include parents in the joint development of the policy at our Site Council meeting consisting of parents, teachers, and community members.  We will draft the policy as a group, present it at our PTO meeting for comments or revisions, and then present the final draft at our Staff Reach Out meeting for final approval.

2.       Involve parents in the Continuous Improvement Plan by encouraging parents to complete and return parent satisfaction and other surveys that define our school needs and conduct Title I meetings that explain the school program and needs.

3.       Use resources to plan and implement parent involvement activities to improve student achievement and school performance through the Staff Reach Out Team, Site council, PTO, Outreach Specialist, social worker, District Office staff, and community members.

4.       Gathering and sharing information with parents and community members through; Site Council, 21st Century, and Community Reach-Out Team, newsletters, the school base website, fliers and dial-outs.  

5.       Roadrunner will evaluate the content and effectiveness of the Policy annually in terms of improving quality of the school by surveying parents and analyzing results, holding staff and parent meetings for discussion and collaboration, revise the Parent Involvement Plan for the following year based on data and finding (Site Council responsibilities).

6.       Provide assistance to parents on topics to include the following:

·         Arizona Common Core Standards

·         Arizona student assessments

·         Title I requirement

·         Ways to monitor the student’s progress

·         How to work with educators

·         How to have a successful parent-teacher conference

·         How to help students at home

·         Parenting classes

·         ELL classes

·         Volunteer opportunities

·         Communication between school and home

·         Meetings about assessments

·         Title I annual meeting

·         School newsletter

·         School website

·         Excellent family/community member experiences

·         Communication in English, Spanish and other languages as needed

·         Translator/interpreter provided for parents in the language they understand


Actions listed above will build parent, school, and community capacity as partners vested in ensuring improved academic achievement for our students and members of the Washington Elementary School District

Our Procedures for a Safe Dismissal

posted Dec 4, 2012, 5:47 PM by Paula Mcwhirter   [ updated Dec 14, 2016, 3:22 PM by Pam Talarico ]

Each day, we dismiss approximately 820 students from school in a short period of time.In order for all students to remain safe during this time, these are the established procedures that we use for each dismissal location/type.  We ask that all families help us make sure that every child is safe by following these procedures.

Pick-up by car: 

·         Pull through our drive through lane.

·         Remain in your car.

·         Follow the directions of the crossing guards and the rules of the road. 

·         Do not block intersection on 39th Avenue or crosswalks on streets or in the parking lot. 

·         Have your child meet you in the designated pick-up area by the cafeteria.  This is the safest place for your child to get in your car.

·         Do not pull over on 39th Avenue and have your child get into your car. 

Walking onto campus:

·         If you drive to the area, do not park in “No Parking” areas.

·         Use crosswalks when entering and leaving campus.

·         Come into the fenced area to wait for your child so as to leave space for children and parents who are leaving campus through the front gate.

·         When inside the fenced area, do not allow your child to play on the playground equipment.  We do not have enough staff to monitor for a safe dismissal and supervise the play equipment at the same time. 

Bicycles and students who walk alone:

·         We ask these students to follow these rules:

o   Walk your bicycle/scooter until you are off school property and away from busy areas.  This would include the sidewalks along Friar and 39th Avenue that border the school.

o   Stay with other students as long as possible.  Avoid being alone.

o   Go directly home.  The best policy is to check in at home before going anywhere else.

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